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The Best Items To Sell On Shopify in 2022

The Best Items To Sell On Shopify in 2022

November 20, 2021


In today's Seventeen Second Spark we provide ideas on the Best items to sell on Shopify in 2022. 

  1. Stay in your lane! We suggest you "Go with what you Know" and focus/sell products you like and love. I love cycling products so I started a triathlon specific website. If you love ladies handbags, start a Shopify website that sells handbags and not a website that sells DJ equipment. Make sense?

  2.  Speaking of Drop Shipping, those website has seen a lot of attention lately. It's a "hands-off" way of creating a business. A small percentage of drop ship websites do well and the others struggle to generate interest, traffic or any viable revenue stream. That is tough because there are 20,000 + other websites selling the exact same things as your store. Then there is the issues happening in late 2021 and into 2022 with supply chains and shipping. If it takes over 5 days to deliver one of your products, find different products. No one waits that long for delivery anymore. Make sure your products are sourced from your home country to lower the ship times and keep customers happy.

  3. Consider starting your own Marketplace! Add an app to your store that allows local artisans to upload and manage their own products on YOUR store. They do the work and you collect a small commission for their sales. We recently designed and developed a Canadian based home goods store that does this - Handmade Home Co. 

To succeed in business in 2022, on Shopify, it is critical to separate yourself from the noise of other stores and chart your own path. Having total control of every aspect of your business will keep costs down and customers happy.

Just so you know, we are offering monthly Shopify maintenance plans now and the response had been overwhelming. Starting at just $65 a MONTH, you would have a dedicated Shopify expert to answer question, get advice, or even manage the entire day to day operation, if needed. Our plans save you time and money. Explore of plans here:

Ketchum, Killum & Wynn Creative Inc. is one of Shopify’s highest rated design, development and configuration Experts. We are neither a traditional design company nor digital agency. We are a special-ops team whose mission is to help business’s navigate the fluid and evolving e-commerce and digital content creation landscape both strategically and creatively. 

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We drive sales, drive engagement, spread awareness, spread love and increase loyalty. We put the "Art" in "Cart".

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