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Dedicated Shopify Expert Support Plans

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Tired of looking at the growing list of tasks needed to update on your Shopify website? Have a question about shipping, taxes, locations or anything else regarding your store. Are you overwhelmed at the thought of updating the images on your website or updating your SEO code?

Look no further than our Subscription based, dedicated Shopify Expert. Yes, you read that right. You can subscribe to a monthly plan to speak directly to your dedicated Shopify Expert any time* you have a question. This will save you time so you can focus on running your business.

  • Unlimited calls or emails for dedicated Shopify Expert support (9am - 4pm PST, M-F)
  • Billed at $150 a month

This plan is perfect for any and all NEW business on Shopify who have a ton of questions but no time to wait for answers.

  • Everything included in Plan 1, plus
  • Minor website updates including

    ✔ Up to 3 images added/updated on your Home Page
    ✔ Update of your Home Page copy (supplied by you)

  • A 25% discount on studio rates
  • Billed at $300 a month

This plan is perfect for any Shopify store who needs to keep their store looking fresh along with needing questions answered fast.

  • Everything included in Plan 1 and Plan 2, plus
  • 1 (One) 15 min Zoom / Screen share meeting per month to review the website together
  • Up to 30 new products created (from your supplied data)
    ✔ A discounted rate* if you need more products added per month
  • Minor image edits / updated using Photoshop
  • Navigation editing and assistance
  • Collection creation and manipulation
  • Shipping Strategy review and advice
    ✔ Discounted rate* on all Shipping configuration projects
  • SEO coding review and advice
  • Discounted rate* on all JSON SEO coding projects
  • Billed at $400 a month


This plan is perfect for any Shopify business, new or old, who understand that their business comes first and their customer's matter. *= 35% off

Subscribe to get started, cancel anytime before the end of your month.

With the Subscription based plans above, our team of dedicated Shopify Experts will save you TIME and, more importantly, MONEY every single month. 

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