MRP's, like KATANA software, help businesses manage their manufacturing in real-time and stay on top of every step of the order-fulfillment process. 

Get a live look at your manufacturing business

Any business that takes a material or resource and runs it through a production process to become a finished product for sale can use KATANA. 

KATANA is designed to foster growth and support business users on the road toward growth and success.


full traceability

Maximize efficiency and stay in control of your business with manufacturing ERP software:

  • from raw materials to finished goods
  • manage sales and perishable stock
  • track batches, align your teams, and optimize production
  • Keep track of demand, production, and all your product variants


Full Implementation

Ketchum Killum & Wynn Creative Inc. as a trusted Katana Partner is here help your business to implements Katana ERP Software Solution. From Raw material to the final product, Katana will track every item that goes into the make of your end product, and you'll have a clear view how much your final product actually cost to make.